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For overseas students, Momoyama has three types of inbound programme: the Exchange Student Programme (see below), the Short-Term Japanese Programme,
and the Full-Time *International Degree Programme.

*International Degree Programme
Please request separate leaflet - in Japanese only - from Admissions Office.

Inbound Programmes

1. Exchange Student Programme


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2. Japanese Business & Tourism Programme

3. Japanese Programme

Campus life

Giampaolo GUIDI

GUIDI, Giampaolo
University for Foreigners Perugia (Italy)

His major in Italy is international communications. He came to Japan after studying Japanese for six months. "My goal is to improve my understanding of Japanese survey methods. I am also fascinated by Japanese culture, so my trip to Kyoto was really enjoyable."

Lecture on  Japanese

I still find Japanese difficult, but since the instructor explains things to us very clearly, I believe that my Japanese ability is improving day by day!


I love Japanese food-- noodles, curry-rice, and especially sushi! I sometimes have my lunch in the main dining hall, sometimes in the international common room, where I can chat with friends from many different countries while I eat!


The Gym is great, because it has lots of training machines that anyone can use whenever they want to. I love skating and surfing, so the Gym is a great place for me to keep myself fit for those activities!


The Library is a perfect place to study and work on my assignments, because itユs so quiet and peaceful. Another thing I love about it is that it has outlets for students to plug in their own personal computers.

Information Center

The Information Centre´s computers are also available for students to use any time of the day. I use them not only to research and write up my homework assignments, but also to keep in touch with my family and friends back in Italy by email!

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