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For overseas students, Momoyama has three types of inbound programme: the Exchange Student Programme (see below), the Short-Term Japanese Programme,
and the Full-Time *International Degree Programme.

*International Degree Programme
Please request separate leaflet - in Japanese only - from Admissions Office.

Inbound Programmes

1. Exchange Student Programme


    Extracurricular Activities

    Campus life

    Weekend life

2. Japanese Business & Tourism Programme

3. Japanese Programme

1. Exchange Students Programmes

Momoyama Gakuin University accepts recommended students from its affiliated overseas institutions as exchange students for terms of either six months (one semester) or one year (two semesters), beginning at the end of March (the spring semester) or in mid-September (the autumn semester).

Academic Advisor

Weekend Home Stay

Weekend Home StayAs an opportunity to experience ordinary Japanese home life that is normally inaccessible to exchange students living in an apartment, and also as a chance to make new friends outside the University, the International Centre arranges a three-day weekend home stay with a local family for each student.

Field Trips

Field TripsTo give you a feeling for the country you have arrived in, the International Centre arranges a series of field trips not only to some of the many important historical sites in the Kansai area but also to a selection of Osaka´s high-tech industries. To make it simpler for you to undertake your own field trips, we also distribute a pass that enables you to get into many of Kansai´s museums, art galleries and so on free of charge.

Culture Night

As a lighthearted way to carry out cultural exchange activities, the Resident Assistants use song and dance together with various kinds of presentation to introduce aspects of Japanese culture, and international students are asked to perform events introducing their own culture. The evening´s entertainment is organized by the Resident Assistants themselves.

Culture NightCulture Night

Special Excursion "Discover Japan"

Special Excursion "Discover Japan"To provide you with an opportunity to visit places outside the Kansai area, and as a way of broadening your understanding of Japan´s history and cultural traditions, the International Centre also organizes an overnight excursion. Places we´ve visited in recent years include Hokkaido and Kyushu.

Kimono Party "Furisode no Kai"

Kimono Party "Furisode no Kai"In cooperation with the Educational Support Association, the International Centre organizes a New Year Party at which international students have the opportunity to put on a kimono and take part in various traditional Japanese games.

Student Festival

Student FestivalThe Momoyama Festival, held over three days in early November each year, is one of the biggest events organized by students. As well as musical and sports performances, there are presentations by athletic and cultural clubs, flea markets, and stalls selling various kinds of food. For international students, the Festival is an excellent opportunity to get to know Japanese students as well as to present aspects of their own culture.

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