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Inbound Programmes

For overseas students, Momoyama has three types of inbound programme: the Exchange Student Programme (see below), the Short-Term Japanese Programme, and the Full-Time *International Degree Programme.

*International Degree Programme
Please request separate leaflet - in Japanese only - from Admissions Office.

Exchange Student Programme

Momoyama Gakuin University accepts recommended students from its affiliated overseas institutions as exchange students for terms of either six months (one semester) or one year (two semesters), beginning at the end of March (the spring semester) or in mid-September (the autumn semester).

About the program

Courses Taught in English   PDFDownload Course Book

Most of the courses taught in English at Momoyama are open to exchange students. These include classes on Japanese economics and business as well as on culture, history, and society. In addition, English-language introductory courses on Japanese culture are available.

Japanese Language Courses for Exchange Students

Japanese Language Courses are provided for exchange students, ranging from Level A, for beginners who have not studied Japanese before, to Level D, for advanced learners. Students who are taking or have finished Level D can register for regular courses conducted in Japanese.

Regular Courses Taught in Japanese

Exchange students with adequate skill in Japanese can enroll for any regular course regardless of which faculty/department they are enrolled in.

Academic Adviser

Each exchange student is assigned an academic adviser, a full-time Momoyama lecturer who will offer advice on any problems, particularly those relating to the student´s academic life.

Japanese Language Courses

Course Level

Class hours



Level A

3 hours x 2 days

1.5 hours x 1 day

Japanese characters
1.5 hours x 1 day

1 semester
(15 weeks)

Conversation and
Japanese characters (Kana/Kanji) classes
are set up by the international center and
are non credit bearing.
The international centre will issue a certificate of completion for these classes.

Level B

Level C

Level D
(Upper Intermediate)

Tuition Fees

Exchange students recommended by one of our affiliated overseas institutions are exempt from payment of tuition fees. Expenses other than tuition (including round-trip travel costs and living expenses) must be borne by the students themselves.


The University provides apartment accommodation within walking distance of the campus for each exchange student.

Rooms are equipped with mini-kitchen, bath/lavatory/toilet, desk, chair, desktop lamp, book-stand, rice cooker, refrigerator, bed, futon set, air conditioner, closet, and fully-automatic washing machine. Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi) Internet access is also available.

Student Support System

The International Centre is the organization principally responsible for the support of exchange students who come to Momoyama. In addition, the Resident Assistants, the Student Community and the Buddy System introduced below, together with the Educational Support Association (Kyoiku Koen Kai) and the Alumni Association (Dosokai), all share in the task of helping students to settle down.

7 June 2012
Important Notice from the International Centre,
Momoyama Gakuin University (St. Andrew’s University)

In July 2012, the new resident management system (在留管理制度) became effective in accordance with the revised Immigration Control Act (入管法) of 2009. ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are strongly advised to read the following site very carefully.

Immigration Bureau of Japan(法務省入国管理局)

Start of a New Residency Management System! 「新しい在留管理制度がスタート!」
(English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages are available.)

Orientation    PDFDownload Handbook

For their first week or so at Momoyama, all exchange students attend an Orientation programme organized by the International Centre. This includes information about the intricacies of Alien Registration and taking out National Insurance. We also help you register for classes, tell you about the university´s various clubs, give you some basic information about Japanese manners and customs, and take you on a day trip to a special facility set up in Osaka to train people in the techniques needed to deal with sudden disasters like earthquakes and fires.

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistants, a Momoyama student living in the same building as the exchange students, are available to advise them about their daily lives in Japan, help them handle emergencies such as sickness, accident, or injury, show new arrivals around, and so on.

Buddy System

To help you get acclimatized, the University will provide you with a "Buddy", a full-time Momoyama student selected on the basis of the information you give us about yourself in your application, who will act as your guide during your time here. Before your arrival you will be able to communicate with your buddy using email, and we will arrange a first meeting after you get here.

Student Community

Momoyama students have made up a student community to help exchange students with any problems they encounter in their daily lives, and who plan various special events to help them settle in.

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