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For overseas students, Momoyama has three types of inbound programme: the Exchange Student Programme (see below), the Short-Term Japanese Programme,
and the Full-Time *International Degree Programme.

*International Degree Programme
Please request separate leaflet - in Japanese only - from Admissions Office.

Inbound Programmes

1. Exchange Student Programme


    Extracurricular Activities

    Campus life

    Weekend life

2. Japanese Business & Tourism Programme

3. Japanese Programme

Weekend life  One day in an Exchange student's

Birgit TREMML Universita Wien (Austria)

TREMML, Birgit
University of Vienna (Austria)

At her university in Vienna Birgit majors in Japanese Studies with Interpreting, so she was already quite well-versed in things Japanese before she came to Momoyama. As history is one of her specialties, she enjoys living in the Kansai region, which is not only steeped in traditional Japanese culture but also has a vibrant popular culture. She is particularly fascinated by historic cities like Kyoto and Nara, which she has visited several times. She also likes taking "Purikura", small instant photos that are popular with young people in Japan.

Izumi-chuo  Station

The station is easily reached from both the University and my apartment, and I can catch trains to anywhere I want to go. Instead of one-way-tickets I usually buy pre-paid cards, as they are more convenient. Because of their attractive design, I even started collecting them! Izumi City´s quiet and clean environment offers perfect conditions for both living and studying.

Seattle's Best Coffee

I love both the relaxing atmosphere and the tasty coffee of this place. Sometimes I also indulge myself with Matcha Frappe, my favourite drink. Since the cafe is located close to the University, I often drop in on my way home to chat with friends or to study alone.

Hair salon

The service at Japanese hair salons is great. I always look forward to my next visit!

 Patisserie Mohn

The carefully prepared and creatively designed pastries sold in this shop are a real culinary delight. They are usually made from traditional Japanese ingredients like matcha, soybean flour, sweet potato and chestnut. I recommend having a cup of yuzu (a kind of citrus fruit) tea with your cake!


Home for me is my apartment in one of the University´s residence halls. It´s great because there are not only other international students but also Japanese students living nearby, so we often get together to chat. My apartment has a small kitchen and bathroom, and contains all the basic furniture including a TV. It even has a balcony! The other day I cooked Austrian food for my friends.

My favourite

I adore powdered green tea, known as matcha. I often prepare myself a cup of matcha, similar to the tea served at a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Supermarket (Izumiya)

Izumiya is a convenient supermarket near my apartment. It sells a wide range of food and household appliances. I get my food and household goods here, though I prefer to buy my clothes in more fancy shops in Shinsaibashi and Kobe.

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