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Message from the University President

Momoyama Gakuin University was founded in 1959. Nearly 7,000 undergraduate students are studying at the Faculties of Economics, Sociology, Management, International Studies and Liberal Arts, and Law.

Our educational principle is “Fostering Citizens of the World Based on Christian Humanities,” and our vision is “Supporting people in the region and in the world.” We are educating students so that they can adjust themselves in any community and can support local people within Japan and abroad.

We provide a variety of experience-oriented programs both inside and outside of Japan. Many students participate in overseas programs from language courses to volunteer programs to business internships, thus experiencing different cultures of many countries. Moreover, about 100 international students from over 20 countries and areas join our university every year.

Global society is a society that various individuals can live together. We hope that students learn to cooperate with people of different background such as race, religion, and culture, while they acquire the power of knowledge and enthusiasm to clear the path of lives.

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