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Programmes marked with an asterisk are also open to international exchange students.

  Academic Programmes (1 Year / Semester)


Selected full-time Momoyama students may spend up to one year at one of the University´s overseas affiliated institutions. Depending on their language ability, students may be enrolled in either regular classes or language classes at the host institution. Credits obtained may be transferred following their return to Momoyama.

  Japanese Language Teacher Training Programmes
  (1 Year / 1 Semester / 3 Weeks)

Students enrolled in Momoyama's Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language course may be selected to spend either one year or one semester in teacher training (including working as a teaching assistant) at one of the University's overseas affiliated institutions such as The University of Vienna (Austria), Jagiellonian University (Poland), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), or elsewhere. 3 Week Programmes are available for the basic level students.

  Intensive English Programmes (1 Semester)

Selected Momoyama students may attend semester-long intensive English-language courses at one of the University´s overseas affiliated institutions.

  *Language & Culture Programmes (4 Weeks)

Offered during the University´s two long vacations (spring and summer), these programmes are designed to allow students to learn a foreign language and enhance their intercultural understanding at the same time by spending four weeks in an intensive course at one of our overseas affiliated institutions.

  International Volunteer Programmes


Participating students engage in volunteer activities in local communities. Programmes vary in their components according to their purpose.The following programmes are currently available:International Work Camp, Indonesia COP (Community Outreach Programme), IndonesiaIndian Culture & Volunteer Programme (Mother Theresa House)Chinese Culture & Volunteer Programme (Tree Planting in Inner Mongolia).


  International Field Work Programmes

Selected Momoyama students may attend International Field Work Programmes. Programmes vary according to their purpose and directions. The following programmes are currently available:
Europe Eco Study, Germany, Switzerland


  Business Internship in the US / Hong Kong

Participating students intern at a local company for 1 week / 3 weeks  to learn the ropes about doing business in the US / Hong Kong.

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